Trung Nguyên Legend

Social Production



With nearly 25 years of history, the brand is not only one of the biggest coffee manufacturer in Vietnam but also a well-known player internationally.


As Tet 2020 was coming, Trung Nguyen demanded a campaign to re-promote their 05 SKUs. They assigned us a mission: create a whole new Tet spirit in order to make the campaign stand out from other campaigns.


In recent years, we have noticed the fact that brands keep celebrating common Tet spirits that usually highlight cheerful and funny moments. However, we believe that Tet holiday is more than drinking alcohol, meeting up with friends, gathering with tons of people.. It can be the time for people to enjoy peacefulness themselves, to contemplate what they did in the old year and to carefully set goals the coming year.


Base on the insight, we used “Đón Tết khác biệt – Tết đặc biệt” as the key message for the campaign and a short movie series was our choice to express the message . Within the series, instead of celebrating usual Tet spirits and rituals, we offered viewers a comfort time when they could truly find the true values of Tet holiday, which is not necessarily about drinking, crowdedly gathering…

Moreover, our content series on the client’s fan page also played an essential role in amplifying the communication message.


3 million

views on Youtube.


million reach


 engagement in 18 days

Generated appropriate number of discussions on social media among people, offering them a new experience of Tet holiday.