Where Creativity shines

The environment encourages innovation and new ideas to catch up with the latest trend.

Where people are empowered

You are a perfect puzzle piece. There is no limit to what you can create and contribute to the development of Mango Digital.

Where people cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset/spirit

You can become a co-founder of the idea you come up with. You can take an active part in the leading team process and fully comprehend how our business operates.

Where people have an innovation environment

There is a dynamic, vibrant, diverse environment, many entertainment activities throughout the year.

The MEA 2023

Team Building 2023

Mid-Autumn Festival 2023


Move For Hope

Team Building 2022


Year End Party 2022

Year End Party 2021

Senior Account Executive

Social Executive (open to Senior)

Senior Account Manager (open for Account Manager)

Business Development Director

Account Intern