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Client: Generali

Scope: Digital Production

Date: 2019

"Mỗi người có một cuộc đời để sống và một con đường để đi. Nếu yêu thương, hãy đón nhận và sẻ chia để ai cũng được ‘sống đúng như ý muốn’ của mình - can đảm, mạnh mẽ sống cuộc sống mình mơ ước với nhiệt huyết và đam mê". Hãy để cho họ được cười khi vui, được khóc khi buồn, được theo đuổi hoài bão của bản thân. 

Có như thế thì họ mới có một cái Tết trọn vẹn và một cuộc sống thật sự như ý.



2019 marked an outstanding milestone for Generali in Vietnam market - despite being a late entrance among other insurances competitors, with the success of a unique branding campaign.

Being a Health Insurance company from Italy, Generali Vietnam keens on spreading “Sống Như Ý” – the Vietnamese message that perfectly blends 2 harmonizing narratives. The first layer stands “Live like Italians”: embedded the happy, optimistic La Dolce Vita lifestyle of the Italians – which emphasizes the strong, stable Italian roots of the enterprise. Whereas the second meaning elaborates to “Live the life you desire”: You only live once - don’t waste time pleasing anyone by living their dream, but chasing your own definition of happiness while being supportive for others’.

With the key Sống Như Ý events and exciting activities throughout the year, Generali has established the 1st layer of meaning among audience. The next challenge is a compelling content that hacks the audience’s hearts: emphasizes brand identity and highlights brand role as an emotional catalyst for Sống Như Ý lifestyle.


Create a user-centric campaign with a living ideas that can draw audience towards Sống Như Ý message, establish emotional rapport & inspire them to fearlessly live the life they desire, regardless of the barriers from social norms and prejudices.


Grasping the golden chance for inspirational advertising – Lunar New Year, we aim to leverage an occasion-based marketing approach, thus to create connections that emphasizes the emotional moments this reminiscent reunion event.

As research shows that 40% more of music content are being searched during Tet period vs other months in Vietnam, music must be the key elements to win in this critical occasion. An MV with hyper-relevant context will be the perfect recipe for making a difference.


Year end – the hectic season crammed with shopping, decoration & preparation, efforts to reach financial goals or plans to go back home for Tet. Among the excitement, there are also pressure, preconceptions and social benchmark waiting – disguising as the scrutiny questions. Although originates from loving concerns & worries, the inevitable query session builds up the heavy expectation about a happy successful life which the society frame for the young.

Fused together with “Vạn sự Như Ý – A myriads things go according”  - the most popular wish in New Year, the final take out message from our MV is also a New Year blessing: “May you can live according to your wish this year”. Via this especially tailored message for Tet, we want to empower audience with daringly living life according to their wish, with the empathy from family and beloved ones. The delicate word choice shape up the connection between brand’s aspiration message with audience, hence to own Sống Như Ý definition.


Opening with signature elements that remind of Vietnamese Lunar New Year – when every house is packed with relatives, nagging neighbours and unexpected scrutiny questions, Sống Như Ý MV depicts a young man coming home from the city. Our main character also suffered the captious war, yet had a exclusive way to escape: brought back other’s unaccomplished aspirations, then open his own sincere longings in life.

However, what made Sống Như Ý MV stand out the most among the ocean full of Tet advertising content?

Using music as a sentimental catalyst, Sống Như Ý musical voices out loud the uneasy struggle of young minds, as well as sends a friendly reminder for more empathy to encourage others to live the life they dream about.


With the charming guides of music, Sống Như Ý MV invites users on a journey of 3 variations – each filled with distinctive sentiments

  • Part 1: The scrutiny questions from family, relatives & neighbours was humorously depicted on Turkish March background. The classical masterpiece stands for social norms & prejudices.
  • Part 2: The sincere sharing from the main character with the popular Đen Vâu rap style – down to Earth lyrics and full of rich in visual comparisons.
  • Part 3: When the whole family found the common voice to wish each other to Sống Như Ý, Bella Ciao – the famous Italian folk song came in with custom-fit lyrics yet keep the original epic spirit.

The appearance of Thanh Thủy & Hữu Châu – 2 well-known theatre stars, along with interesting Easter eggs (Meave – SinBad hints, popular local propaganda signs) successfully captured audience’s interest.


Successfully delivered expectation & even exceed KPI within budget:

  • 50M total views with 52% view rate – which is super good on Youtube
  • Lead generation increase 230%
  • 259K total impression (140% KPI), 29K total reach (181% KPI) & 4K total engagement (170% KPI)

Pushed the volume of positive reaction to a new height with 10K likes and 900 positive comments. The impressive relevant social buzz gained proves the recognition of audience towards our MV: mostly mentioned it as a “meaningful, touching yet entertaining to watch”, also a “unique hit among traditional Tet adverts”.

Online sales for “Vita Sống Như Ý” product raise 178% (Feb & Jun)

With the strike of Sống Như Ý Tet campaign, Generali decided to continue the momentum of seizing occasion-based marketing approach such as golden Tet moments as one of their key branding activities throughout the year.